Comment from Czech Offshore Yachting Association

Autor článku Martin Blagoev (prezident ČANY)
Autor článku Martin Blagoev (prezident ČANY)

Nonstop cruise around the world, especially when single-handed, is the most difficult yacht discipline anyone can imagine. The basis of such project is already the choice and preparation of the boat. The whole project needs to have solid financial base, but crucial is as well optimal choice of boat and material needed during the cruise (spare parts, tools, cloths, food…).

The cruise goes on mostly in areas where the sailor must rely on himself and his boat, as any help is mostly impossible or would come too late. The skipper must therefore be not only an excellent sailor prepared for all traps of the sea, but he must as well perfectly master all technologies present on the boat. He must be able to cope with adverse weather that cannot be avoided during such cruise and with any unexpected situation and be able to solve any coming situation.

Nonstop circumnavigation last approximately one year, which places on the skipper huge knowledge, physical and especially mental demands. One year long isolation from the rest of the world, when the sailor sees nothing else just see, is for most of the people unimaginable. Many might consider such single handed nonstop journey around the world as foolish and the skipper preparing it missing self-preservation instinct. But this is not our case. Vlasta has all assets to finish the attempt safe and with success.

If Vlasta manages to achieve his target, this will be a unique achievement of Czech yachting. And not only Czech one. Even on the world scale, there have not been many skippers who would accept this challenge, nor achieved it. In this context, we speak about a unique project that deserves every possible support, as, if this cruise is successful, the name of Czech yachting will become world famous.


Czech Offshore Yachting Association has always supported similar projects, therefore as well Vlasta’s cruise has our full support. So fingers crossed to Vlasta and his S/Y Endurance an we wish them favorable wind to the sails.

Martin Blagoev
(Czech Offshore Yachting Association president)

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