Preparation for the transportation

Hala v Neratovicích

Having found my dream boat, I had to search for a convenient place, where I could start her complete reconstruction. After some time, I found such place in the premises of the company Spolana Neratovice.


I was offered an empty hall, originally designed for reparations of rail tanks. The management of the company decided to support my project and I got from them a very convenient contract for the hall rent. There are rails leading directly in the hall, which led immediately to the idea of building a rail undercarriage on which the boat will be positioned and that will help with the boat movements and manipulation.


Then followed reparation of crane and wiring in the hall and especially very thorough cleaning of the hall. The hall was empty for long time and it was full of all possible dirt. The cleaning was difficult and seemed endless, before we finally managed. Now the hall was clean, but empty and we had to fill it with the needed equipment.


I started to search at internet and buy – of course as cheap as possible. It meant of course travelling around the whole Czech Republic and buy and bring all needed equipment in the hall. I managed to buy an old, but functional lathe from the company KROMEXIM Products spol. s r.o. from Kroměříž.

I had to repair it to make it work completely, but then it was working for hours and hours and it was definitely a very good bargain.


Now we needed to arrange the transportation of the boat from Liverpool to Neratovice. Not an easy task. The boat had 12 tones, was 12 meters long (16 meters the mast) and 3,5 meters wide which is as well oversize. I asked around 30 inland and foreign transportation companies and was surprised how different the offers were.

In the end the most convenient one came from the company CARGONET s.r.o. from Litoměřice. I met there Mr PetrSauerstein, a very helpful and ideal business partner.

Important was as well that this company is specialized on transportation of oversized cargos in Europe and in the UK, so they had perfect knowledge about the conditions in the transit countries and for the ferry across the Channel.


The transportation was arranged, we had to build the above mentioned rail undercarriagefor the boat. I bought small rail axles and then I had to weld the steel frame. This was done by the company M.B. Mont s.r.o.,based in the premises of Spolana.


The owner of the company, Mr Milan Bazovičwas very open to my request for help and, beyond my expectation, we got all material for free as well as the work of his employees, who proved an incredible will and skillfulness. A big thank you goes as well to the company ZSD Servis , spol. s r.o who provides to us the crane that we used for unloading of the boat.

The crane will be used as well during installation of the mast and during loading of the boat for her transportation on the sea. It seemed that everything was ready and now we needed just to transport the boat from Liverpool to Neratovice.